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Welcome To Our Farm!



We are an agricultural poultry industry which specializes in egg production and live poultry birds brooding like layers, Noilers, Broilers etc.

We are working to provide Healthy and well being solutions of consuming one egg per day to address the problem of Under-nutrition in the society especially in the rural communities were food insecurity is on the increase in which death of infants from 6months-3 years is on the rise, low birth weight in pregnant mothers resulting in the death of the child after delivery, weak immune system etc.

For Live chicken meat production, the Noiler birds species has been identified to be the sweetest and rich in protein nutrient especially matured Noilers weighing about 2.6kg-3.5kg. Also we will raise and nurture layers and Noiler birds from Day one till maturity stage in order to meet the above goal of production.

Our target market or group of people we provide our solutions to are Household users, Hotels, Food restaurant vendors, Agricultural egg merchant etc.

We are making readily available healthy fresh eggs & poultry to meet the daily protein needs of consumers.

Our Products!

To become the leading poultry brand catering for protein- deficiency in Nigeria.

Layers for Egg Production

Supply of Eggs & Live Chicken to Retailers and Wholesalers

Sales of Fresh Eggs from The Farm

Our eggs are packed in crates of 30 pieces per crate and distributed through our transportation channel and other means to the target market.

We Offer Excellent Service!